Across the Obelisk - Premium Website Placement & Video Ad Suite

Across the Obelisk - Premium Website Placement & Video Ad Suite

In short

Across the Obelisk brings co-op multiplayer to the addictive world of roguelike deckbuilders. Dreamsite Games' title has been available on PC since 2021. But thanks to Paradox Interactive, Across the Obelisk is now headed to console formats, starting with the Nintendo Switch. We partnered with Paradox’s branding and marketing teams to create vibrant and engaging campaign materials to support the game’s release. This comprehensive project led us to collaborate with three separate groups at Paradox. Working with paid media, senior marketing and the publisher’s internal creative team.


Premium website placement.

Video ad suites.

Age Rating

Pegi 18

Slated for success

Our work with the content team saw us produce end slates and text slates for AtO's official trailer. These slates must make an impression on the viewer. After all, it's the final message they'll see, and we want them to leave engaged and eager to buy or pre-order.

Our end slates made subtle use of animation to bring the game's characters to life. A light effect shining across the AtO logo draws the eye, cementing the game's name in the viewer's mind.

The Paradox team wanted to use the official trailer across various markets. This meant we needed to carefully localise our work for use in Asian countries, including Japan and China.

Sight and sound

Alongside the end slates, we partnered with Paradox's paid media team to produce a suite of video ads. These 20-second ads were for use on social media channels and YouTube. Our challenge was to create captivating ads that delivered the message efficiently in the time available.

We used quick cuts combined with triumphant music that suited the game's style. Gameplay footage was combined with footage of players enjoying the game. The result was a series of fast-paced ads that delivered key messaging about AtO's unique gameplay.

Again, the ads weren’t just intended for the UK market. We localised everything so the Paradox team could use the ads across Europe and Asia. Our companion banners for use on YouTube rounded off the complete package.


In addition to our design work, the Across the Obelisk project allowed us to weave some word magic, too. Paradox's senior marketing team was keen to refresh the game's storefront descriptions. 

We carefully crafted text for six AtO DLC packs as well as the base game. These descriptions now appear on the game's Steam page and the Switch store. Our copy will also feature on Xbox and PlayStation later in 2024 after the game appears on those platforms.

Following a call with the Paradox team to learn more about AtO's tone of voice, we got cracking. Our approach when writing the text was to focus on being clear and concise. We wanted readers to understand AtO's unique features and build their excitement.

Bossed around

We used language to match the game's fantasy RPG setting. Words and phrases like 'journey', 'realm' and 'set forth' give readers a sense of what to expect from the game's tone. 

We used all-important imperative (also known as bossy) verbs across our descriptions. In general, it's best to avoid overusing adjectives in marketing copy. As readers, we're bombarded by adjectives and we've become blind to them.

Instead, it is better to use verbs to help potential players understand what they'll do in the game. Avoid telling them how to feel about it; they can decide for themselves once they've played it.

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