Foundry - Video Ad Suites

Foundry - Video Ad Suites

In short

Foundry is an upcoming factory-building game set in a procedurally-generated voxel world. It’s been in development for around three years and was snapped up by Paradox Arc - Paradox Interactive’s new indie publishing arm - in 2023. The first-person builder was enjoyed by 100,000 players during October’s Steam Next Fest, proving so popular that the dev team - Channel 3 Entertainment - opted to extend the demo period by an entire week. Foundry is quickly establishing itself as a genre leader, and we were delighted to partner with Paradox to produce a suite of video ads to build excitement and drive even more players to try the game for themselves.


Video ad suites.

Age Rating

Pegi 18

Conveying the right message

Foundry has a bright, vibrant and cartoon-like art style. Our 30-second video ads leaned into this with text tracking that playfully interacted with footage from the game. It’s an engaging technique, meaning viewers would be much more likely to read and absorb the messaging.

Our colourful end slate effectively used motion graphics to bring the scene to life, ensuring the audience would be glued to the screen until the end of the video. 

End slate messaging used all important bossy verbs - “wishlist now” and “play free” - to create viewer urgency and guide them in the right direction.

The Paradox team intended to use the video ads across popular social media platforms, including TikTok and Meta.

Our team produced videos in multiple ratios to ensure that they looked the part wherever they appeared.

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