Millennia - Release Campaign Assets

Millennia - Release Campaign Assets

In short

Millennia is the story of humanity. It’s a historical 4X strategy game that starts with our earliest beginnings, moves through human history and explores our possible futures. It’s the kind of epic title we love to sink our teeth—and countless hours—into. We partnered with Millennia’s publisher, Paradox Interactive, to produce high-quality campaign materials to support the game's March 2024 release.


Steam storefront and takeover.

Video ad suites.

Static display banners.

Website assets.

Age Rating

Pegi 18

Full steam ahead

As with most games, Millennia is available in a variety of flavours. Potential players have the option of the base game, premium edition and expansion pass. Buyers need to know how each edition compares to make an informed decision. Our mission was to present this information cleanly and without clutter.

Using the game’s artwork, we created a striking image that fitted perfectly with the rest of the content on Millennia’s Steam page. We decided on a layout that emphasised simplicity without sacrificing visual flair. 

The design also included essential information including price, expansion pass content and release date. Now, at a glance, visitors to the storefront can see the full range of available options and decide accordingly.

Taking over Steam

To coincide with the game’s launch, the Paradox team asked us to create an animated ‘takeover’ of Steam’s homepage. This asset would sit at the top of the page and would be the first thing that visitors would see. Valve’s storefront attracts millions of savvy gamers every month, so we knew our work here needed to be of the highest quality.

We produced an eye-catching image making subtle but effective use of motion graphics. With a large chunk of visitors accessing Steam via their phones, it was important for us to create an image that was mobile-friendly, in addition to working on desktop.

Steam has very specific requirements for any content appearing on the digital store. We made sure that the materials produced for both the homepage and Millennia’s page adhered to these rules.

Talking heads

Working with Paradox’s paid media team, we produced a suite of video ads to support Millennia’s launch.

Our video ads mixed gameplay with footage of the developers discussing various game features. Videos using this format can be challenging to get right. With a short running time, the content needed to be efficient but engaging.

A banner day

Our static banner suite used the Millennia branding to build excitement for the game’s launch. The Paradox team requested multiple sizes to showcase Millennia far and wide across the internet. The materials were created in adherence to Display & Video 360 requirements.

Finally, we produced images to appear on Paradox’s desktop game launcher and website. These images showcased all current and future content for the base and deluxe versions of the game.

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